As of October 28, 2015, is now part of Neustar, bringing customers precision triggered analytics for the connected world. For more information, visit Neustar

Insight from proximity-triggered engagement through meticulous measurement; predictive analytics; and rich, responsive visualization

About Us provides analytics products that deliver insight from proximity-triggered customer engagement on mobile devices.

The platform delivers insight to enterprises deploying proximity technologies by mapping paths in physical space, providing funnel analysis for proximity triggered push, linking consumer segment data to dwell time and other analysis.


New methodologies used to derive accurate behavioral metrics from new modes of customer engagement on mobile devices


Visualization with integrated workflow for customized reporting of user interaction in the physical and online world


Linking opt-in time and place coordinates with user data in the enterprise marketing cloud for richer reporting, user profiling, and new marketing attribution metrics

Connecting the dots from physical world to marketing cloud

Location Trigger

Notification / In-App Interaction

Physical World Engagement

Proximity Analytics

The Team

Kate Atkinson

Head of Product

Derek Barnhart

Front End Dev

Seamus McAteer


Ryan Medlin

Head of Tech

Gearόid O'Brien

Data Science

Mark Watson

Full Stack Dev

Investors secured seed funding from an illustrious group of investors including...

Handmade Ventures
Hidden River
iHatch Ventures
Lerer Ventures
Paul Palmieri
Richard Emerson
Will Hodgman
and others...

The Platform

Responsive Dashboards

Beautiful, functional, and intuitive business intelligence interface optimized for user-generated spatial data that looks equally good on a laptop or tablet


Documented and tested APIs for data ingestion and export, open source client software that can be extended to support a variety of event-types


Data scientists have access to unfiltered data in an environment that accommodates tools like R, Octave, and Matlab to verify reported data and build new models


Support for user rights and roles, built in workflow, report widgets and creation tools, and integration with marketing cloud

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